I worked for Bruce Campbell’s ad agency back in the distant 80’s. He was usually good for a story or fable but one saying of his always stuck with me.

“There should be two artists to do a painting. One to paint it and one to shoot him when it’s finished…”

So true. But that’s usually not what happens. In the couple hundred companies I’ve worked with in my lifetime, I’ve see this happen over and over.

Nobody is willing to pull the trigger on an idea so most good thinking festers and dies of old age before it ever goes public. It’s probably from the fear of making the wrong decision or a culture of safe thinking or too many layers of approval. Whatever it is, knowing when to be “done” with an idea is too important to ignore.

This is why The 24 Hour Brand exists and thrives.

Get the right people in the room, let big thinking flow, trust your instincts and make a decision and move on. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. And know when the painting is done and pull the trigger.