It was a grand experiment.

I went Vegan for almost two years. No meat. No cheese. No nothing that was ever part of anything that walked, crawled, swam or waddled. I felt so proud. I felt so socially responsible. I fell asleep at odd hours.

Ya see, while it’s a grand gesture, it’s a serious pain in the ass.

For the past year, I’ve been traveling a LOT doing Dozen engagements all over the country. That means a day of travel, three days with clients and back on a plane. So that meant sometimes living on nuts and berries in airports. Picking meat out of dishes. Eating catered sandwiches that ended up being bread and lettuce.

It’s a serious pain in the ass.

But I pushed on. Made it almost two years and I finally caved. And the first thing I noticed is that I had a lot more stamina. I didn’t have to eat every couple hours. I felt stronger. I felt BETTER…

Go figure.

Not to say that it’s bad. I guess we all find out what works for ourselves. I guess I’m just a bit of a carnivore. Hell, I was in a restaurant and asked the waiter if he had a vegan menu and he looked funny at me and said “you don’t LOOK like a vegan.”

Maybe he was a lot smarter than he looked.