cravatMaybe you’ve loved your creative agency for years. Decades even.

But maybe the relationship has become a little too comfortable. Maybe your agency is skating along with the same comfortable ideas and delivering the same comfortable results.

Building a good relationship with a creative shop isn’t easy. As a corporate client, you need results and deliverables but when you’re dealing with ideas, relationships can get strained. You have every right to be demanding but your outside creative team can get burned out and the big thinking can slow down. So maybe it’s time to throw a wrench into the process.

We call it a Cravat. Creative Agency Vacation.

Bring in a team to totally rethink everything. Give them no boundaries and  a short timeframe. Push them over the edge and see what they come up with. And make it clear you’re not really looking for a new agency, you’re looking for big thinking.

Who wins?

Everyone. You’ll get a totally unique perspective on your brand, your campaign or your entire business. And your comfortable agency will realize it’s time to bring back their best thinking.

That’s why we created The 24 Hour Brand. We don’t want to be your agency. Ever. We’re not hiring account managers and planners and traffic and receptionists etc, etc, etc.

We’re 100 percent Creatives. We’re at the top of our game and we’ve realized that the daily grind of a typical creative agency is just that… a daily grind. We want to fall in love with a new client and give it everything we’ve got in a huge, creative burst of big ideas… Then slink away to sleep it off.

Maybe that’s what you need right now. A band of lunatics to storm in, kick over the tables in the temple, create miracles… Then go away until you need them again.

The Cravat. Try it. You might wear it very well.