Went to a funeral yesterday. They never get easy.

It occurred to me, as her friends and family spoke, that there is a great metaphor for how we know each other.

Imagine if you will, a piece of sculpture is set magically in a pasture. It’s a great masterpiece by Michelangelo, carved in the finest marble. Or a Rodin, cast in bronze.

It’s set there and people start discovering it. Some get there early and spend time on all sides, getting to know every curve and angle and play of light and shadow. Others just show up and see it from one place. We’re all in that field, seeing that sculpture from our singular viewpoint. Some of us wandered around, seeing it from other angles and can comprehend the piece in it’s entirety.

And suddenly, without much warning, it’s gone.

How do we describe it to someone who wasn’t there?

If we only saw one side, then that’s all we know. But for those who spent a lot of time with the object, we can describe it in full detail.

That’s what happened yesterday at the funeral. Everyone knew a different side of her but the things that really stood out, everyone noticed.

Her sense of humor. Her ability to light up a room and turn anything into a positive. Her health battles that never seemed to slow her down.

Think about the people you love. How many angles have you seen? Learn them all because you never know when that masterpiece will vanish, instantly from that pasture, with no warning.