“Eighty two… Eighty two… Eighty two…”

“Thats a lot more than eighty two toothpicks Ray.”

“Two hundred and forty six total.”

“How many toothpicks in the box?”

“Two hundred fifty.”

“Pretty close Ray.”

“Um… There’s four left in the box…”

Maybe your company needs a mind like that. Ray from the movie Rainman was a bit of a savant. He might not have been able to do a lot in life, but he could focus so intensely he could do things most people can’t fathom.

We think many companies need something akin to Ray’s focus when it comes to new creative thinking. Whether it’s building a new brand campaign, naming products, rethinking a Web site or building a brand from scratch, that kind of intense, otherworldy thinking works… And may be the only way to really foster change.

That’s why we created The 24 Hour Brand. With┬áthe notion that great thinking happens when the right people get so focused on solving a problem on an impossibly short timeline with no possibly for failure and a huge amount of pressure, that something akin to magic happens.

We’ve been doing it in one form or another for many years and over and over again, we find what nobody else could see and time and time again would hear “Why didn’t WE think of that…”

We’re looking for clients that want that kind of thinking. And we’re looking for other Creative Savants who don’t see the universe for what’s there, but for what’s missing.

How many toothpicks are on the floor?

Let us tell you.