Everything is a marketing problem.


My entire career has been possible because I see what others don’t see. I feel what others don’t feel. I can find that one thing that truly makes a difference and hold it to the light.

That’s why you hire me.

I will see what you’ve missed and make it your superpower.

Old Ideas

I’ve got a massive portfolio and to be honest, I stopped messing with it ages ago. I’ve worked with upwards of 200 companies, developing campaigns, messaging platforms, startup brands, guerrilla campaigns, studying corporate culture, and building long-term strategies. For the most part, I get hired over and over again by the same people as well as their contacts and referrals.

Chris Greta Logos

THE Theatre of Ideas

There is a certain kabuki theatre to presenting new concepts.

There is drama, timing, emotion, and listening. The presentation should be as powerful as the ideas being pitched.

When it comes to developing ideas with a team, I’ve always taught the improv concept of “Yes, and…” to my creative staff. Even a bad idea could be a seed for the right idea.

New Brands

My greatest love is building a new brand from scratch. I’ve worked with more startups than I can count so if you’re building a new company, I can help you avoid common branding problems. I’ll charge considerably less than a typical agency and be happy to talk about equity. I’ll roll the dice with you.

Past Clients

MolsonCoors Microsoft Ball Corp Tantau Greenling The Disney Channel Fringe Benefit Group Rod & Gun Resources Acton MBA Outernet Dazel Trilogy CMIT Solutions The Lead Dogs Tivoli Ventix Expresiv Surgient Emerson Access Mediquip Catholic Life Insurance Longmont Hospital StoredIQ Packet Design Colorado Springs Utilities Academy School District Worn by Gods NineRuns Adlucent Austin360 Sulzer Tabu Covasoft Crocs Transplace Tucker Valero Energy Grow Financial Headspring Mobile Powell Kimbia Rackspace Datical Alliance Data Invincea TDECU McInnis Cooper Miracle Foundation Towny A Glimmer of Hope HeroBracelets Cort Austin Ad Fed Ballet Austin Cisco City of Austin Cox Interactive Dell Framework Healthplan LGE IBM Luminex Metrowerks Mission Critical Software Motorola Myriad Oracle Pearson Pervasive Portnox Stratfor Sun Microsystems University of Texas Afflow Ventix White Glove Healthcare Solarwinds Austin Technology Council Fox and Seeker Distilled Goods Keeper Security

Agencies I’ve built: The Ad Ranch, Slingrock, The Frenzy Group.

Those Who Have Come Before

“Chris Greta is a rare creative diamond. There are a bunch of creative types at all agencies, but none that I have dealt with, combines the ability to understand the project goals and carry the creative concept all the way through to completion. I worked with Chris on launching the first city site for Austin and Chris’ creative nailed the message, audience, and call to action. We were so successful on launch day that we crashed the servers. The creative is so good, I still have it as artwork in my office.”



“People say Chris thinks out of the box. Not so! In Chris’ world, there is no box. Only infinite creative solutions he seems so adept at seeing. Chris fits no archetype I’ve ever known. He simultaneously makes and breaks all the rules. His ideas are so simple and distilled you slap your head and think, ‘Well, duh! That’s the obvious way to do that”. But, you wouldn’t have ever thought of it yourself. That’s why you hire Chris Greta.”



“Chris is a creative genius. He has a unique ability to assess clients needs and quickly formulate marketing strategies. Time and time again I see client’s nodding their heads in agreement as he presents his creative solutions.”


Senior Account Executive CATAPULT SYSTEMS

“Not only did Chris deliver us great value, he’s a blast to work with.”



“Chris Greta is probably the best Creative Director I’ve worked with in my career. (I know, that’s saying a lot.) Whether it’s creative, branding or positioning, Chris is superb. I’ve used Chris with multiple clients and have been consistently impressed by his originality and his ability to crystalize often fuzzy marketing concepts into amazing designs, strategies and campaigns. Chris is as good as they get, and I highly recommend him.”

John Doyle

Managing Partner LGE Execs


If you hire me, I promise a unique and fulfilling experience and I do offer a money-back guarantee.

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